Saturday, November 5, 2011

Behold! Alien Fossils Found In Huangshan (aka Yellow Mountain) In China.

For centuries people have been looking west in search of evidences of the elusive extraterritorial beings thought to have their spacecraft crashed onto planet earth. It was hypothesized that they were in search of the needed resources that had depleted in their planet back their celestial habitats. Of this, area 51 in the United States of America had been made famous and was alleged to have captured these creatures for their research.
Behold! Look eastward but no further than the Huangshan or commonly called the Yellow mountain in China. The evidence had been found! It is vividly without mistakes that these aliens fossils remain among the mountainous Yellow mountain range!

From the pictorial evidences, you get to see the alien commander who was huge in size and his great army of fossils remaining fully enclosed, becoming part of the Yellow mountain! After enduring decades of weather onslaught these fossils have finally seen daylight. This is an awakening call to the humankind! That aliens are among us. "IT" was here all along, and their counterparts could be searching for their long lost scouting aliens. "IT" may be near planet earth now expecting to land 12 December 2012!

The spacecraft was massive and had been buried among the mountain ranges. It's structure was unearthed had it not been for the harsh environmental onslaught over the years. The receptor was proven to have survived the hard landing and had transmitting signals back to their galactic habitats.
Get ready for the final countdown come 12 December 2012! Hope you enjoy the trip to Huangshan!

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