Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bumi Khayangan, Adventure Camp, Bandung, Indonesia

bumi khayangan, bandung, jakarta, indonesia                          
Bumi Khayangan is located on the top of the hill of peaceful mountain manglayang, jatinangor region, bandung city, west java, indonesia. surrounded by beautiful forest, primitive kampoeng, presents one with a peaceful mind, fresh mountain air, panorama view, and a fantastic sunrise it takes 30min from bandung and about 150min from jakarta to get there. well we left from jakarta 0700hr in the morning under a rainy day along the way and reached “base camp” about 1130hr….270min!!!

a good place to have a personal or group retreat for all ages. We got sunny sky upon reaching camp site though….but again it pours in the late afternoon and that brings with it the night chills, and it was a cold night up in the mountain!

bumi khayangan, bandung, jakarta, indonesia
fancy a romantic meal overlooking the peaceful mountain range….beautifully carved!

bumi khayangan @ bandung, jakarta, indonesia                             
long houses with multiple attached bathrooms within, water is cold and no heating facilities provided. water comes from within the mountain areas and is yellowish to greenish in colour…..cool!

Bandung, Jakarta, Indonesia  
interesting toilet signage….in a predominantly muslim city.

suit for honeymoon couple is available!

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