Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hongcun (宏村) @ Anhui, China

The architecture and carvings of the approximately 150 residences dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties are said to be among the best of their kinds in China.

Together with xidi, it was made a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000. hongcun was a location where the film crouching tiger, hidden dragon was shot.
宏村 - 月沼 Moon Pool, Hongcun
Moon Pool (月沼); there was the epic fighting scene made here from the film crouching tiger, hidden dragon…it’s only route to the outer cities got this village isolated from the various “wars” since the earlier dynasties to the civil wars so much so that its architectural heritages were able to preserve so well…
宏村“牛肠” Hongcun canal
宏村“牛肠” Hongcun water canal also called as “ox intestines”; every street has a water canal running along it, filling the village with the soothing sound of rushing water. they channel water to every building in the village and is finally directed into a small lake near the entrance to the village….marvellous works! can one imagine the “dirty” water is collected into a small lake next to the entrance to the village?!

宏村 敬修堂 Jing Xiu Hall, Hongcun
宏村 敬修堂 Jing Xiu Hall, Hongcun; a place for some quiet time….the vase “瓶” on the extreme right and the mirror “镜” on the extreme left draw from its sound-alike chinese characters “平静”, which means peaceful…..
Stone Carving, Hongcun
rich in its carving, this window screen was carved from a solid slab of stone. it was learnt that a foreigner offered an amount for this stone carving but fortunately it was turned down

wooden carving, Hongcun
rich in wooden carving as well……it can be seen in almost every panel of doors and windows in the buildings……brilliant!!!

Hall, Hongcun

well you can guess it that this is the meeting hall whereby the family matters were discussed and resolved….the livings sit around the main hall…….
Jiang Zhe Ming, Hongcun

well visited by the top ranking officials within China itself.

 Ancient well within the city

Door alley in a very rich person's resident.
Water lillies blossom abundantly in the water pond around the village.

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